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Fostering Strong Ties

Our History

The India Netherlands Business Circle Bangalore (INBCB) was established in Bangalore in 2011 by a passionate group of businesspeople from India and the Netherlands with the vision and foresight to realise the important relations between the two countries.

Since 2011, INBCB has been at the forefront of economic and social activity within the Indo-Business Corridor in southern India. In the succeeding years, INBCB led various industry-focused efforts to strengthen the business relationship between India and the Netherlands.

Today, INBCB is one of the most prominent business circles of its kind in India. Our membership is drawn from a diverse group of individuals, businesses, and organisations, including globally recognised brands; companies both large and small in various sectors, e.g. agriculture, water, waste, energy, and so on; service organisations involved in banking, finance, law, information technology, and coaching as well as educational and cultural organisations.

Since 2011, INBCB Has Been Engaged In...

Promoting and developing commercial and social relationships

Fostering trade, commerce, industry, investments, businesses, and professional services

Building upon other areas of mutual interest between India and the Netherlands


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The Board

board member rob tholenaars inbcb

Rob Tholenaars

President & Trustee Board Member
board member monika gogna inbcb

Monika Gogna

Vice President, Secretary & Trustee Board Member
board member dr jamuna ravi inbcb

Dr.(HC) Jamuna Ravi

Treasurer & Board Member
board member karthik balachandran inbcb

Karthik Balachandran

Board Member
board member vinita bhatia inbcb

Vinita Bhatia

Board Member
board member vijay kumar inbcb

Vijay Kumar

Senior Advisor to the Board
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Global Connections

Our members, partners, and connections have trade relationships and engagements across major countries around the world.

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Featured Partnerships

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Sectors We Are Currently Active In

industry sector health inbcb


India is known as an attractive destination for medical tourism and a centre for clinical trials. An increasingly affordable health care also means opportunities for Dutch companies, as there is a need for knowledge, expertise, products and services of the highest quality.

INBCB | [email protected]

industry sector agriculture inbcb


India is one of the re-emerging economies in Asia and agriculture is a major driver of the Indian Economy. Netherlands on the other hand is known for its world-renowned technologies and know-how in agriculture. There is a huge potential for sharing of knowledge. Due to India’s increasing urban middle class, the demand for processed food is also expected to increase. There are opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, not only in the export of food processing machinery but also in the export of seeds for vegetables and expertise.

Victor Eveleens | [email protected]

industry sector water inbcb


India’s water challenges are enormous, particularly the pollution of water systems and flooding of urban spaces during rainy seasons. Dutch companies that are active in the water/waste management sector can benefit because of their technology and innovative strength through holistic water management approach for the recovery of water, energy and nutrients from urban wastewater. Netherlands has a lot of expertise in water management, including wastewater treatment.

JB Venkatakrishnan | [email protected]

industry sector energy inbcb


For a growing economy like India, energy security is crucial. India is open to foreign investment in energy solutions. Even though the main source of India's energy is fossil fuels (70%), the share of sustainable (solar) energy is also increasing rapidly, just like the energy consumption in households. Dutch companies not only have the technical know-how to meet Indian demand to improve the efficiency of solar equipment, but there is also a huge requirement to train local pools of people to make the sector self-sufficient.

INBCB | [email protected]

industry sector education and training inbcb

Education & Training

The rapid development in the various sectors e.g. agriculture, water, energy etc. means greater demand for technically qualified personnel that meets international standards. Here, the Dutch businesses can facilitate training in various sectors, R&D, and project management as they already have experience with these facets.

Thomas van Berckel | [email protected]

industry sector waste management and urban infrastructure inbcb

Waste Management & Urban Infrastructure

With India’s ambitious plan for smart cities and urban development, there is a need to make the infrastructure in cities suitable for the growing population. This provides opportunities for the Dutch businesses in the area of ICT, water, waste and e-mobility sectors.

Rob Tholenaars | [email protected]

industry sector business and legal services inbcb

Business & Legal Services

Getting the right guidance and information is vital to the success of any business. The sector Business & Legal focuses on the legalities around business set-ups, conflict resolution through ADR, and business coaching.

Monika Gogna | [email protected]


Letter from our President

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Rob Tholenaars

About Portrait President Rob Tholenaars INBCB