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Why should you become an INBCB Member?

Access to business networking events of various formats (conferences, fairs, trade exhibitions/missions, networking evenings, sector updates, etc.)

including events organized by our partner The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT).

Access to monthly knowledge-sharing lectures, seminars, webinars, etc. about different sectors within the Indo- Dutch Business Corridor.

Access to resources (reports, latest news, blogs, official publications) for knowledge enhancement of members.

Business leads/B2B meetings organized by India and The Netherlands.

Opportunities to connect with government officials from India & The Netherlands.

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Access to Indian & Dutch bilateral agencies.

Recognition & promotion of professional & corporate capabilities.

Access to information about business development, business coaching, and a forum for settlement of disputes.

Access to informal networking opportunities through social events organized by the INBCB and its partners.

We Have

4 Membership Categories

The scaling into categories has been done on the basis of the number of employees per company.

This means big(ger) companies will be charged slightly higher fee than small(er) companies compared to the past. We feel this difference in the fee structure is necessary to enable membership (lowering the bar) for the small(er) companies and individuals e.g., freelancers.


Membership Fee Structure

Category A

5,000 Per Year
  • For freelancers, start-ups, and small-sized companies
  • Up to 25 employees

Category B

7,500 Per Year
  • For international companies and institutions
  • Between 25-100 employees

Category C

10,000 Per Year
  • For international companies and institutions
  • Between 100-500 employees

Category D

15,000 Per Year
  • For international companies and institutions
  • More than 500 employees

INBCB will be implementing a strict payment protocol. This also means that payments have to be paid remitted within 30 days of invoice date.

Invoicing will be followed by gentle reminder if membership fee is not received within the period stipulated. In case the member fails to pay the fee within 2 months of invoice date, their membership will be suspended.

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In case of an Undertaking (not applicable for individuals in their own capacity)


Codes of Conduct

The Code of Conduct & Governance provides direction to the Board to help them identify and deal with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report possible unethical conduct, and foster a culture of honesty, accountability, integrity, transparency, and pursuit for excellence. Each Board Member must comply with the intention of the Code of Conduct as the rules of conduct spelled out in this Code are based on the principles enshrined in the Statute of the INBCB.

The Code does not strive to be comprehensive to cover all possible situations but encourages the Board Members maintain the integrity of the INBCB and work in its best interest.

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